Why are the chiefs the visiting team


The Kansas City Chiefs are the visiting team for Super Bowl LVII due to the NFL's policy of having the designated home team rotate between the AFC and NFC teams[2]. This policy was put in place to ensure the teams have a fair chance to compete and the league operates with parity[4]. Additionally, the Chiefs are the visiting team because they are the higher seed in the playoffs, which means they earned the right to be the road team despite playing in their own stadium[5].

This is not an uncommon occurrence as the home team sometimes plays in a stadium outside of their home city[8]. In the case of the Chiefs, they are playing in their own stadium but are still considered the visitors[5]. The Chiefs will also wear white jerseys due to Super Bowl tradition, as is common for the team that is listed last on the schedule[8].


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why are the chiefs the visiting team
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why are the chiefs the visiting team
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why are the chiefs the visiting team
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